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The Growth Mindset – A Key Tool For Success In Human Resources

We live in a world more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than ever before. Mindset not skill set is key to thriving and growing. What could you and your team achieve with a mindset of Growth that underpins higher levels of adaptability, learning agility, resilience and engagement? Do you and your team show up in a way that supports a climate of Growth and Psychological Safety?

A mindset of Growth is fundamental to being more adaptable and resilient, and for building powerful relationships built on openness, trust and accountability.

Do you and your team have the mindset to thrive and grow?

Our research found that when UK professionals have a mindset of Growth, they have significantly higher levels of resilience, wellbeing, self-responsibility and learning agility.

However, prior to Covid-19 pandemic, only 37% of UK professionals had a mindset of Growth. A performance-limiting 63% were in Survival – a mindset associated with significantly lower levels of resilience, wellbeing and engagement, and a resistance to change, learning and self-responsibility.

When we’re in Survival, we tend to be defensive, judgmental and critical. We struggle to acknowledge our own strengths and accept compliments. We’re also more reactive, which frequently leads to overwhelm and, ultimately, emotional detachment. We become harsh to ourselves as well as others, often blaming others for our circumstances, and, at the same time, avoiding conflict and staying in our comfort zone.

When we are in Growth, we are much more curious and adaptable, present and compassionate – towards ourselves and others. We are proactive and solutions-focused, open to sharing and acting on what is true for us, and with that, stretching outside of our comfort zone.

Can you now imagine what you and your team could achieve if you consistently showed up with a Growth mindset?

Whether we create a culture of fear and blame where we don’t take responsibility for our performance and development and where many are working in siloes, or a culture of openness, honesty, proactiveness, innovation and collaboration, is down to individuals who create – and especially – lead that team or organisation.

What you would learn at the event;

  • What mindset is and why it matters
  • How we as individuals respond to change
  • Personal qualities people need to thrive and grow
  • The importance of mindset to effective performance, building resilience and improved relationships
  • Practices enabling yourself and your team to show up from Growth more consistently
  • There will also be the opportunity for me to answer any questions you might have.

About the speaker:

Aleksandra Atman is a Mindset & Executive Coach and the founder of The Atman Practice. She blends commercial credibility with the ability to get to the heart of the matter by doing deep, transformational work, drawing on over 15 years’ experience in corporate leadership at firms such as Deloitte, her psychology training and her coaching track record.

Her approach complements existing horizontal leadership development by providing the missing link – vertical development. She supports her clients in moving from mindset of Survival to mindset of Growth by creating rapid lasting ‘inside-out’ individual transformations and mindset shifts at scale via group coaching programmes, enabling her clients to fully show up and drive their performance and career, whilst also experiencing an increase in wellbeing, resilience, productivity and agility.

In the last 6 years she has coached consultants, business owners, directors, entrepreneurs, based all over the globe – the majority of whom come from the professional services sector including legal, consulting, leadership development, marketing and PR, accountancy and engineering. She has coached employees of Deloitte, BDO, PWC, Arup, HFW, ASDA, Ince & Co, RGL Forensics and Turner & Townsend, to name a few.

The event is finished.


Jun 10 2021


6:00 PM - 7:30 PM






Adese Okojie



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